For Our Members

Rewards Club
MedConnect180 is a grass roots effort, but like any grass roots effort, we need your help. And you’ll love what we’ve lined up for you to enjoy… discounted travel and merchandise and more at our very own reward store. Plus, if you want to spread the word, you’ll get paid!

MC180 Rewards Club

$250 in Rewards!

We’ve partnered with a leader in incentive rewards. Most of us have worked for companies who provide “on-the-spot” rewards for going the extra mile; well we’ve arranged for an “on the spot reward” when you join our community. This rewards program provides numerous benefits and incentives when you sign up on the MedConnect180 website. Help spread the word.


MedConnect180 Reward Store

Discounts + Rewards

You’ll get a $250 electronic reward certificate, which can be used towards the Reward Store and to further offset the already discounted merchandise, fitness equipment, resort travel, and local deals. In a sense, we are almost paying you to join and to become a part of the community.

Even after you use your reward certificate, you will continue to save money on local deals, concert tickets, sporting events, and other ongoing discount benefits. Just one way to say thank you for being a part of the community.


“Your book was right on and back to the basics!  You took all of the words right out of my mouth. Thanks for putting all of your thoughts and words in writing.”

Cynthia A. Pypcznski, Division Manager, Gynecare, Inc.