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Below are some sample letters to candiates or other potential affiliates. Feel free to copy and paste or customize your own message. Just be sure to use your personal affiliate link, which will have your affiliate number instead of the # sign to get your commissions

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Sample email to send to candidates to have them join SalesConnect180

Dear [Name],

I am a member of SalesConnect180, a community of sales professionals, sales leaders, and recruiters. I highly recommend you check out this website and read the four books the organizers have written for your benefit.

You’ll also get a boatload of other benefits along with the books. I would not have become a part of this organization did I not believe in the information and ideas they bring to our industry. Click this link:


Sample email to send to other affiliates to sign up and have them linked to your account

Dear [recipient-name],

I wanted to tell you about this amazing website that will give you a commission just for spreading the word about their great books and program.

For every referral  that signs up to get the books, you’ll get $10.


But that’s not all… if you know others who would like to join the SC180 Affiliate program, when they sign up and start making money, you will also earn $5 for each of their sign-ups.

It’s almost like free money!

Do you want to get money for simply sharing the good news about an awesome program?

All you need to do is follow this link: and click on the “spread the word” tab to become an affiliate so you can start earning commissions too!

Talk soon,

Sample text to add to your website to promote SalesConnect180 with your custom link

Thank you for visiting our website. Our goal is to help you with your career, but with time constraints in a high paced business and receiving hundreds of resumes a week, it is not humanly possible to call every candidate. But in an effort to help you until we can personally speak, we highly recommend you get these books. Please click this link (insert your affiliate URL) to learn more.

Graphics to add to your site if needed

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